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At Edsidera we provide children with a holistic and immersive
extra-curricular educational experience that is modern, digital and beyond conventional learning.

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Transforming your institution’s educational landscape, Edsidera is dedicated to supporting the education community as a positive force that networks, innovates, challenges traditional norms, and upholds key practices. We consider ourselves a driving force for constructive change, actively contributing to an environment that encourages improvement and advancement in education.

Empowering futures, one child at a time


of Parents remarked that The Rising Star Award had a positive impact on their child.


of children continued onto next level and strived for further skill development.

our benefits

Benefits of the Edsidera Award

Each award within our series is built upon the foundation of empowering children to become independent
learners through skill-led education. Meticulously curated by seasoned educators who are deeply passionate
about skill development, every award is fueled by a commitment to instill a growth mindset in children.

Range of Activities
Range of Activities

Progressive, age-appropriate challenges and tasks that include and promote life skills, enquiry, creativity, independence, wellbeing, sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation.


Each series of awards is crafted by experienced global educators with age-appropriate tasks and challenges that match all school curriculums, no matter which country.


No printing needed, each child has their own portfolio where text, photos and videos can be uploaded via the Edsidera app.

Bespoke packages
Bespoke packages

Schools have the option of adding on additional tasks and challenges linked to their specific curriculum, national agenda or school improvement plan.

Focus on skills
Focus on skills

All of our awards promote children developing new skills. Completing a series of tasks and challenges that help grit, determination, critical thinking and independence.

Delivering recognition
Delivering recognition

Children are awarded medals, badges and certificates upon completion. All work is moderated by the Edsidera team and for those with special merit, schools will be contacted with additional recognition resources

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Welcome to a new era of educational distinction! We are excited to introduce
The Rising Star Award – a transformative skill development accolade crafted by the Edsidera team
of highly experienced global educators.

What is Edsidera?

We are a digital ed tech company, crafting a series of Awards to support children with their skill development. 

Our Awards can align with any curriculum form around the world. 

We aim to empower futures, one child at a time. 

Why choose Edsidera?

If you are looking for an additional layer to your extra curricular experience, then we recommend you look at our Awards. Digital, bespoke and with an onboarding process of less than a week from order. School's can be offering children age appropriate challenges and tasks to empower them and promote grit, determination and independence. Our aim is to empower futures, one child at a time. 

Who would choose Edsidera?

Currently, our Awards are for ages 4-13 years old, but we are updating and upgrading our portfolio regularly. Edisdera Awards can be used by any school around the world as the age-appropriate tasks support skill development and can be crafted to support any international curriculum .

When would you choose Edsidera?

With a range of different Awards, the answer is anytime. Get in touch with one of our representatives today. 

How do I find out more about Edsidera and get my child or school involved?

Contact us via email, phone, whats app or via social media. We will arrange a 1:1 introductory zoom meeting with one of our representatives. Each school will be assigned a rep who will support their whole journey from onboarding, to check in, moderating tasks and ensuring your journey seamless. Everything you need from display resources to presentations, letters for parents is ready in our resources section. 


Transform Your School's Educational Landscape

The Rising Star Award is more than an accolade; it's a catalyst for well-rounded, globally conscious individuals. Explore how it seamlessly integrates into your school's ethos. Empowering children, one skill at a time.

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